2018 Emerging Leader Award Winner

Greg Dunbar

Greg Dunbar is an emerging leader in the trail work and youth leadership fields. He is a crew supervisor for the Washington Conservation Corps, an AmeriCorps program dedicated to environmental restoration, trail projects, and youth and military veteran development. In this role, he leads a field crew of five AmeriCorps members annually in projects ranging from trail improvements to planting native trees and shrubs – as well as providing them mentorship and training opportunities.

Greg has served as a WCC crew supervisor for over three years, spending the last two years leading trail projects in Capitol State Forest near Tumwater. This past year he led over 10 different trail projects, excelling in off-road vehicle trail improvements, bridge construction including technical rigging elements, hiking trails, and mountain biking trails. He places high standards on safety and communication within his team setting. Not only does he provide a positive learning environment for his teams, teaching them construction and trail skills, but he also provides members intentional feedback throughout the year to support their professional and interpersonal development. he also invites his team to share feedback about his leadership style to make sure he continues growing as a leader. 

We look forward to continuing to work with Greg as he leads the next generation of environmental stewards on trails beyond. 

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