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Volunteer opportunities with the WSTC are a great way to advocate for trails while building relationships among Washington State trail users. Volunteer opportunities include serving on the Board of Directors, helping organize our events, or supporting WSTC social media channels. Be a voice for the trails you care about! For more information please contact us.


Our coalition sponsors are vital to our efforts. WSTC is an all-volunteer organization. We don’t have paid staff, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have expenses. Your sponsorship can make a huge difference to our success in preserving and protecting the statewide network of trails we all enjoy. Please click to see the available sponsorship options, or click here to contact us.


Are you an expert on accessible trails? Do you have a deep knowledge of trail sustainability? We would love to hear from you! We rely on our network of trail experts to help keep us all up-to-date and informed. Consider leading a workshop or presentation about a specific topic or area of interest at our next event! If you want to help build an informed community of trail users, click here to contact us.


The easiest way to get involved is by simply attending an event and networking with fellow trail colleagues and supporters. We’d love to see you at our next gathering!

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    Past president, 1998
    Bob Vaux
    We Follow Our Beliefs

    Our minds will slow, our hearts will race and our waist lines will recede. Trail stories will be exchanged at the barbershop and in the grocery checkout line. Outdoor equipment will be reasonably priced for all society to purchase. Citizens will be able to identify native plants, trees and animals. We will know our time and place based on seasonal change. When asked where we are from, the answer will begin with the location of the nearest trail.


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