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Founded in 1999, the purpose of the Washington State Trails Coalition is to provide an effective and interactive forum centering on protecting, promoting, and enhancing a statewide system of trails. Membership is open to anyone with a passion for trails, including motorized and non-motorized outdoor recreation and transportation. The primary focus of WSTC is a biennial statewide trails conference and an off-year caucus.

  • 1998

     Richland: Building Trails For Today – Tomorrow (10/22-24)

    Greg Lovelady, Conference Chair; attendance: 150+

  • 1999

    Yakima: WSTC Formation (4/20)

    A primary goal of the October 1998 state trails conference was realized when Trails Task Force participants, in its fourth meeting, adopted bylaws and officially became the Washington State Trails Coalition.

    - Officers elected: President, Cec Vogt (Yakima Greenway Foundation); vice president, Pete Mayer (Skagit County Parks); Recorder R. Burk (Northwest Motorcycle Association); Comptroller, Stan Humann (Pacific Northwest Four-Wheel Drive Association); and honorary past president Greg Lovelady (Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation).

  • 2000

    Snowualmie Pass#1: Building Partnersips for Today - Tomorrow (10/13-14)

    Cecilia Vogt, WSTC President; Jeri Krampetz, Conference Chair; attendance: 70+


  • 2001

    Vancouver: Healthy Trails, Healthy People (10/4-6)

    Bob Vaux, President; attendance: 100+

  • 2002

    Redmond (11/7, as a track in the Washington Park and Recreation Association’s conference)

     Bob Vaux, President; Elizabeth Lunney, Conference Coordinator; attendance: 30+

  • 2003

    Deception Pass: Lands of Opportunity (11/14-15)

    John Keates, President; Elizabeth Lunney, Conference Chair; attendance: 105+

  • 2004

    Snoqualmie Pass 2: When Consensus Works (10/8-9)

    John Keates, President; attendance: 70+

  • 2005

    Piecora’s Pizza, Seattle (planning session for the 2006 conference)

    Elizabeth Lunney, President; attendance: about 45.

  • 2006

    Yakima: Trails for Future Generations (11/3-4)

    Elizabeth Lunney, President; attendance: 237.

  • 2007

    Central Washington University, Ellensburg (10/25, planning session for the 2008 conference)

    Rick Hood, WSTC Vice President chaired the meeting; attendance: 48

  • 2008

    Spokane Convention Center: Our State, Our Trails, Our Future (10/2-5)

    Elizabeth Lunney, President; attendance: 145 (35 speakers)

  • 2009

    Joeseppi’s Italian Ristorante, Tacoma (10/22, planning session for the 2010 conference)

    Rick Hood, WSTC President chaired the meeting; attendance: 37

  • 2010

    La Quinta Inn and Suites, Tacoma: From Backyard to Backcountry and the Trails Between (10/22-23)

    Rick Hood, WSTC President; attendance: 194

  • 2011

    Lacey Community Center Planning Session for 2012 Conference

    Pete Beaupain, WSTC President chaired the meeting; attendance: 40+

  • 2012

    Vancouver Hilton & Conference Center: Bridging Communities with Trails (10/25-28)

    Pete Beaupain, WSTC President; attendence: 200.

  • 2013

    Wenatchee Community Center: Washington State Trails Caucus (9/13) 

    Sarah Krueger, WSTC President chaired the meeting; attendance 80

  • 2014

    Bellingham Lakeway Inn & Conference Center: On the Trails of Change (10/16-18)

    Sarah Krueger, WSTC President; attendance: 300.

  • 2015

    Lacey Community Center, Washington State Trails Caucus (11/9)

    Glenn Glover, WSTC President; attendance: 115

  • 2016

    Richland Red Lion: Creating Community, Connecting Communities (10/13-16)

    Glenn Glover, WSTC President; attendance: 205

  • 2017

    Mukilteo, Rosehill Community Center, Washington State Trails Caucus (11/2)

    Ben Monte Calvo, WSTC President; attendance: 100

  • 2018

    Wenatchee Convention Center: Leading the Way (10/25-27)

    Ben Monte Calvo, WSTC President; attendance: 230

  • 2019

    Issaquah, Pickering Farm, Washington State Trails Caucus (10/19)

    Lisa Black, WSTC President; attendance: 130

  • 2020

    Conference cancelled

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