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2016 Washington State Trails Conference A Great Success!

2016 Conference RECAP

Over 200 trails leaders from businesses, non-profits, and municipal, county, state, and federal agencies converged on Richland, WA for the 11th Trails Conference.

Past Winners

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Congratulations to the winners and a hearty “Thank You!” from all of the trail users in Washington!

Trail users around the state, and our many out-of-state visitors, owe a debt of gratitude for the hard work of the winning individuals and organizations – and to the many others as yet unrecognized!

2016 Talk Points

2016 Conference Themes & Programs

This year’s conference will offer breakout sessions along four themed tracks:

1.  Design, Build and Maintain High-Quality Trails: Best practices for cost-effective trail projects that maximize sustainability and user experience.

2.  Managing Trails in a New Era: Case studies and presentations focused on solutions to the growing challenges facing trail management in the 21st century, including: overuse, reduced budgets, population growth, changing demographics of users, environmental regulations, new technologies, and more.

3.  Making the Case for Trails: Demonstrating the health, social, economic, transportation or educational value of trails in your community. Can also look at how to leverage these values to secure funding for development and maintenance.

4.  Trails Spotlight:  Showcasing trails that provide unique values and experiences for the public or that offer particularly significant learning opportunities.


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