2022 Washington State Trails Conference – Request for Presentations


The Washington State Trails Coalition (WSTC) is excited to sponsor the 13th biannual Washington State Trails Conference at the Edward D. Hansen Convention Center in Everett October 27 – 29, 2022.  The conference will bring together agencies, organizations, businesses, and people to explore our Common Ground in our love for Washington’s trails.

Trails exist in many forms for a wide variety of reasons.  Whether water, snow, dirt, paved, single track, 4×4, equestrian, urban or rural, for pleasure or transportation – our trails have an ever growing population of users.  Luckily, in Washington we have some of the most active trail communities in the country.  Trail advocates, consultants, agency representatives, user groups, and recreation and transportation professionals will gather to share skills, insights, and resources, celebrate successes, and inspire new trail projects.

 The conference’s Program Committee is seeking presentation proposals consistent with our tracks. To encourage a broad range of perspectives, special consideration will be given to proposals that include topics applicable across trail types and users.

  1. On the Ground: How are groups, organizations and agencies addressing the many challenges of planning, permitting, designing, building and maintaining trails of all types.
  2. Financial Grounding: Funding is a leading issue for all trail organizations. What are current creative solutions, partnerships and approaches.
  3. Connections on the Ground: Trails connect us to nature, history, improved health and well-being, other communities and other people. How do you use the benefits of these connections to foster community, access, inclusivity and support.
  4. Ground Rules: More and more people are using trails for commuting, exercise, and recreation. What are techniques and strategies to meet the increased need for education and information outreach.

Bonus Trails SpotlightShowcasing trails that provide unique values and experiences for the public or that offer significant learning opportunities.

Please see the complete Request for Presentations for full descriptions of the four tracks.

Starting this year, proposals will be submitted via an online form due May 13, 2022

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